Τυφλομυγα (tyflomyga = blind man's buff) is in 2002 founded irregularly published underground magazine, where each issue has it's own title. ISSN 1109-6098.

2011 November

Freak Out

Where did the freaks go?


The issue has no table of contents. All the articles are in Greek, but the titles are often in English. Among other stuff the issue includes following articles:

  • The Story Of Wildman Fischer
  • Freak Out: Ken KeyZ & the Merry Pranksters
  • "The Muffin Man" from the Bongo Furry
  • Captain Beefheart vs. The Grunt People
  • Alex Snouffer 1941-2006



2012 July

Over The Dose

One more time for the record


This issue is also titled as Freak Out Part II and contains part 2 of the story "Freak Out: Ken KeyZ & the Merry Pranksters" plus many interesting articles more, but no directly to FZ related conted.