Founded in 1946. During it's heyday 1962-1982 this weekly was a symbol of intellectual resistance to Franco. (wikipedia) The digital archive is located at

1974 October 26

Vol. 29 No. 630


Frank Zappa: El concierto de Badalona
By Jesús Ordovás, p 81

Automatic translation: As part of their European tour, Frank Zappa and his "Mothers of Invention" stopped in Barcelona, ​​were incredibly friendly and witty with the press and gave, at the Badalona Sports Pavilion, overwhelmingly convincing proof of their universal "motherly" love. (read more)

Source: Javier Marcote


1979 March 17

Vol. 33 No. 842


Frank Zappa: El perverso moralista del rock
By Diego A. Manrique, p 45

Automatic translation: In the late 1950s, somewhere in California, the young France Vincent Zappa read in awe the famous words of Edgar Varèse: "The composer of the present time refuses to die." (read more)