Topp is a Norwegian youth magazine for girls that was established in 1984. In 2014 Topp changes its name to ToppGirl. (wikipedia)

1985 June

No. 6


Zappa sparker fortsatt! (Zappa is still kicking!)
By ?, 1 p

 This article is a Thing Fish album review.

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa doesn't give up. And despite the man's ability to take on everything and everyone - in the literal sense - there is reason to look with gentle eyes on his production. For many reasons: First, the more objective ones, such as the fact that he plays a form of music that is far to the side of today's chart pop, and that he helps to revive a continuously uniformed pop market. Then the more personal reasons, such as the man having an incredible sense of humor, and a liberating ability to kick in all directions. Plus he is a rabidly gifted composer, arranger and performer! (read more)

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