Tippy's Friends Go-Go and Animal


Tower Comics published 25 issues of Tippy Teen, plus a special), and 15 issues of Tippy's Friends Go-Go & Animal, and four issues of the magazine-like Teen-in, which also featured Tippy and her pals. Tippy owed a lot to the reigning superstar of teen humor in comic books, Archie. In her case, however, it was more than just subject matter and style – she also shared their creative personnel. Tippy's boyfriend, Tommy, had a relationship similar to Archie's with Betty, in that both were free to date others, and sometimes did. Her best friend, Go-Go West, had a boyfriend called Animal, and the two of them resembled Archie's classmates Big Moose and Midge, except Animal wasn't as possessive as Moose. The series lasted until October 1969. (amazon.com)

1968 September

No. 10


No other FZ content than MOI picture on page 2. 

Source: amazon.com