The Straight Creek Journal


In 1972 the underground newspaper Chinook from Denver, Colorado merged with the Boulder magazine to become The Straight Creek Journal, which considered itself an altenative press rather than an underground press publication, publishing weekly from February 10, 1972 to August 7, 1980. (wikipedia)

1973 January 2

Vol. 1 No. 47


SCJ Interview: Capt. Beefheart
By Lynn Cradick, p 10

 Captain Beefheart. Van Vliet to his mother, sat on the couch with his lady. He did not look like a man who preferred bean sprouts to LSD, shunned grass, had a head full of zinging popping color cartoons running amok behind his eyes. He looked like a nice Hell’s Angel turned musical genius. He smiled at questions asked, accused Frank Zappa of stealing much of his early material and claiming it Zappa’s and the Freak Out Mothers. (read more)