After Dark


The Rag was an underground newspaper published in Austin, Texas from 1966-1977. The sixth member of the Underground Press Syndicate, and the first underground paper in the South, The Rag was one of the most important of the Sixties underground papers, known for its unique blend of radical politics, alternative culture, and humor. (wikipedia)

1975 May 26

Vol. 9 No. 27


By D. Schweers, p 6

What a hassle! What joy! Nobody puts on a show like the Mothers. The Armadillo World Headquarters was oversold both nights, overflowing with people trying to take in the non-stop urban magic the Mothers are somehow able to share. There was nothing country about it, nothing to ease the mind or calm the senses or console a lonely heart. (read more)

p 6 

Source: Javier Marcote