The Observer


The Observer is a daily newspaper for Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College, the women's college located nearby. The Observer is an independent publication and does not have a faculty advisor or any editorial oversight from the University. (wikipedia)

1969 November 18

Vol. 4 No. 45


A Typical Zappa Trick
By John Yurko, p 5

I’m sitting here with the phones on, Frank, and I’m listening to your new album Hot Rats, and that’s what’s bringing up all the questions about your personal life. Frank, it’s fanatastic. But Frank, it’s jazz. That’s right...jazz. Frank, they even wrote you up in last week’s Downbeat, for God’s sake, not to mention that article in Time. All of us who’ve been with you since the beginning are beginning to wonder, Zappa. (read more)

Source: Javier Marcote