The Observer


The Observer is a British newspaper, published on Sundays. In the same place on the political spectrum as its daily sister paper The Guardian, which acquired it in 1993, it takes a social liberal or social democratic line on most issues. First published in 1791, it is the world's oldest Sunday newspaper. (wikipedia)

1971 March 28

No. 51


Frank Zappa, The Royal Philharmonic And Me ...
By Tony Palmer, pp 6-8, 10-11, 13

Take the 90-piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, a rock group and corps de ballet, concentration camp, crashed Spitfire, groupie nun and Frank Zappa and you have just some of the ingredients of the first rock-opera filmed in Britain. '200 Motels' began what promises to be a notorious progress to the screen when a concert based on its songs was banned. TONY PALMER, Observer columnist who worked on the film, reports on 10 apocalyptic days in which it was made. (read more)

pp 6-7 p 8 p 10 p 11 p 13

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1989 September 3

No. 51


Frankly A Freak
By Charles Shaar Murray, pp 4-5

Attacked as a misogynist, homophobe and general sexist, his biggest sin is probably die-hard individualism. Musician, composer, philosopher, comedian – he was a freak but never a hippie. CHARLES SHAAR MURRAY flew to West Hollywood to see if the real Frank Zappa would stand up. (read more)

p 4 p 5

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