The Image


From The Image, issued in Hollywood, California, we know only what's written inside: "The Image is Rick Lowitz and Ernie Taylor".


Vol. 3 No. 1


By Ernie Taylor, p 3

slime.oofytv.set: "cover says 'very 1971'. all ads are from 1970 albums, reference to an fzshow, santa monica civic auditorium in august [1970-08-21]." Probably late 1970 issue.

Editorial by Ernie Taylor

It is a fantastic mind-boggeling scene. Four hundred loudspeakers each attached to a separate amplifier and each magnifying its own individual synchronous magnetic track. All this happening inside a giant hemisphere with no less than eighty slide projectors causing an everchanging and enveloping montage. The music is electric and giant. The audience comes out visibly shaken, many of them frightened. It is 1958. Edgar Varèse is the man who created this. He is dead . Walt Disney is dead. Frank Zappa is alive.

While Edgar Varèse spent his time probing the Art of the New Experience, Disney spent his talents making corn – a plastic, glittering heap of art. Frank Zappa is alive. Perhaps the only reason the New York happening artists filled alleys and galleries with old tires, in the name of art is because none of them had ever been to Disneyland.

Zappa, like Disney and Varese, contains the genius that has allowed him to become the experience master that destroyed the audience at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in August. Like most men in this economic system, Zappa must wait. We've all heard the stories of Walt Disney starting Mickey Mouse in his garage. Zappa's own rise in the music world is a similar story. Perhaps what Frank didn't realize in 1967 was that even as he killed Mickey Mouse, so was he destined to become him. Frank Zappa, more than any other composer, understands the Disneyland in each of us. A little peek behind the fiberglass and black lites and we are suddenly observers in the Magic Kingdom. Zappa has demolished hundreds of thousands of private Disneylands throughout the past three years ... and for what purpose? In an unconscious attempt to create a new one! We can only hope that Zappa will aquire the means to realize it.

What we at The Image propose to you Frank, is to create for us a new "Magic Kingdom" – ZAPPALAND – an alternative Disneyland. Just keep in mind the words of the late Edgar Varèse, "There is no Avante Garde, only people who are late." Please don't be late Mr. Zappa, please don't be long. 


Source: slime.oofytv.set