The Heights


The Heights is the principal student newspaper in Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass., published twice-weekly, established in 1919.

1970 October 28

Vol. 51 No. 7


Zappa Pie And Motherhood
By Joseph McDonough, pp 16-17


THE BOSTON TEA PARTY – concert by the Mothers on Sunday, October 18, was a display for the talents of whatever original Mothers are left in the group. Actually, of the Mothers of Invention from l966-67, only Frank Zappa, leader and guitarist, remains. Ian Underwood, who played saxophones and electric organ and piano on “Uncle Meat”, was also with the Mothers Sunday. And the bassist was Jeff Simmons, a compatriot of Zappa's who has released two albums on Zappa's record company, Bizarre Records. However, the other musicians were all new to the Mothers. The drummer was Ainsley Dunbar, who has played with John Mayall and for a time led the Ainsley Dunbar Retaliation, a blues group with very little imagination. On electric piano and trombone was an unidentified black musician, not known at all to those familiar with the Mothers. And the two lead singers were ex-members of, mirabile dictu, the Turtles. (read more)


Source: Javier Marcote