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1969 April 24

Vol. 85 No. 26


They've come a long way, but not really so far
By Martin Smith, p 8

Think of Frank Zappa – images of wild hair and that enormous beaknose, an incredible guitarist whose grunts, burps, and yowls perfectly complement the savage lyrics of his songs. Zappa tells the greasy groupies who want to become his teenage queen: "Do you think that I love you ... Stupid and blind? Do you think that I dream through the night of holding you near me?" – in "We're Only in it for the Money." (read more)



1973 October 10

Vol. 89 No. 81


Mothers' Release: Mind Pollution is Satirized by Zappa
By Evan Sarzin, p 3

If the music of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention has always been somewhat incomprehensible, if not distasteful, to all but a handful of socially maladjusted teen-age boys suffering from terminal acne (which is Zappa's own conception of his following) it is probably Zappa himself who is to blame. (read more)




1977 November 17

Vol. 93 No. 115


It's Not Easy Being a Genius
By Gordy Schonfeld, p 7