The Beat


Boston's WBCN's Beat Magazine.

1988 August 25 - September 9

Vol. 5 No. 8 Issue 112


Frank Zappa
Interview by Jesse Nash, pp 14-17

There are only a few of them around. Yeah, they make a lot of good music, but they also do a lot more. They care about the country they live in. They use their medium to deliver a message. Woody Guthrie sang his lungs out to call attention to the plight of the American laborer. Bob Dylan smelled something wrong with American society in the '90s and called attention to that scent that was clearly 'Blowin' In The Wind.'

Now, Frank Zappa has grabbed the horns of responsibility and trumpeted their message to a vast audience hinging on every note. He has nearly single-handedly defeated voter apathy in his youthful audience by registering thousands of fans at each of his concerts and urging them to make their voices heard in this presidential election year. (read more)

Source: slime.oofytv.set