Tarkus was the only Norwegian-language magazine dedicated to progressive rock. In March 1994 the first, very simple issue of the prog-fanzine Hybris was released. In September of the same year, the first edition of Prognetik saw the light of day. These two magazines existed separately until the end of 1995. Then parts of the two magazines' editorial boards merged with members of the editorial staff of Uhørt Radio and formed the magazine Tarkus. Tarkus Magazine published 4 issues a year, each of 32-48 pages. Issue #54, September 2010, was the last printed one. Tarkus continued as a webzine until 2015. (Most of the back issues are available as pdf files - tarkus.org)

2000 June

Issue 13


Min "øde-øy" plate - Frank Zappa "One Size Fits All" (My "desert-island" record)
By Snorre Berg, p 7

Source: tarkus.org


2001 December

Issue 19


Viktige progband - del 11
   Captain Beefheart
   By Endre Begby, pp 5-6
   Frank Zappa
   By Trond Gjellum, pp 6-7

Source: tarkus.org


2004 March

Issue 28


Den provoserende gentleman (The provocative gentleman)
By Tarkus, p 2


Source: tarkus.org


2004 June

Issue 29


Frank Zappa - for proggere?
By Trond Gjellum, pp 14-15

Source: tarkus.org


2008 March

Issue 44


Labyrintisk lytteropplevelse (Labyrinthine listening experience)
By Jono El Grande, pp 6-8

Jono El Grande is eccentric Norwegian composer and musician, heavily influenced by Frank Zappa.

Source: tarkus.org


2009 December

Issue 51


Frank Zappa - komponist og satiriker
By Odd Magnus Grimeland, pp 41-42

Source: tarkus.org