Take One


Take One was the first serious English-Canadian film magazine, published in Montreal 1966-1979. (wikipedia)

1969 June 23

Vol. 2 No. 2

Frank Zappa
Interview by Joe Medjuck, pp 8-9

Uncle Meat, the latest lp by the Mothers of Invention, is described on the album cover as "Most of the music from the Mothers' movie of the same name which we haven't got enough money to finish yet." In a booklet that comes with the two-record album, Frank Zappa, founder of the Mothers, writes, "This film is stashed away in my basement, while we scheme on how to raise $300,000 to finish it and make it spiffy so it can be shown in your local teen-age neighborhood theatre. This is an album of music from a movie you will probably never get to see."

Though the film is still uncompleted, some of the out-takes have been shown at the Fillmore East during a concert by the Mothers. Recent plans called for a 14-hour unedited version of the film to be screened in New York with the audience paying according to how much film they'd seen.

Between sets at Toronto's Rock Pile, Zappa was interviewed about his career as a filmmaker by Take One Associate Editor Joe Medjuck. (read more)