TOP - "Immagini e chronostories di musica rock, pop, progressive" (pictures and stories of rock, pop and progressive music). The monthly magazine TOP was founded in the summer of 1985. At that time, the veteran Ciao 2001 was the undisputed leader in the market, and next to him was the newcomer Music. TOP tried to differ from them by focusing primarily on the visual side - to make photos of superstars available to the young people of the TV generation. TOP had giant size (30 x 40 cm), the best paper and print quality, folding 3d cover posters - and the highest price. Managed by Francesco and Salvatore Puzzo, the leading forces of Ciao 2001. TOP lasted for a few years.


Vol. 3 No. 22


A full-page photo of FZ. No other Zappa content is included in the magazine.

Source: Fulvio Fiore