Sztár Magazin


A short-living monthly magazine of "pop, rock, jazz, film, and video". The first trial issue was printed in June 1988, a special poster issue came out in July. The first ordinary issue appeared in August 1988 and the last final sixth issue in January 1989.

1988 August

Vol. 1 No. 1


A rock fehér elefántja (The white elephant of rock)
By L. N. T., pp 14-16

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa has been at the forefront of rock music for almost a quarter of a century, the excellent musician and - if possible - an even more excellent brat, who could annoy his audience not only with his guitar, but also with his defiant attitude and lyrics. Our exclusive interview with Zappa, who is calm and focused only on music, was made after his concert in Vienna... (read more)