Stereo Mecmuası


Stereo Mecmuası (Stereo Magazin) is is an independent and free electronic journal that is absolutely non-profit, consisting entirely of voluntary editors, authors and participants, publishing only on Hi-Fi and Music, created with free, open source software, meeting its readers over the internet. Launched in 2007.

2009 January

Müzik 1


Frank Zappa Biyografisi I
By Bruno Manusso, pp 38-42



2009 March

Müzik 2


Frank Zappa Biyografisi II
By Bruno Manusso, pp 35-37



2009 August

Müzik 3


Frank Zappa Biyografisi III
By Bruno Manusso, pp 32-36



2009 December

Müzik 4


Frank Zappa Biyografisi IV
By Bruno Manusso, pp 50-53