The Spectrum


The Spectrum is an independent student newspaper published in Buffalo, New York. It is published three times a week. (wikipedia)

1969 April 28


Concert preview : Mothers Of Invention
By Joseph Fernbacher, p 8

 Way back in the days of the slicked-back greasy hair, radios stuck in teenagers' ears, white socks and butch haircuts, there was a man. He was cleancut and ambitious.

His name was Frank Zappa. He got an idea. It was to see how he could make money. Hmmm, he thought. I think I will grow my hair long, become freaky and make some money. This he did. (read more)


Source: Javier Marcote,


1969 May 7


Concert review : Mothers Of Invention
By Joseph Fernbacher, p 8

 A sweating body of students sat through the first lecture of a new science course Friday night in Clark Gym. The visiting professor was Frank Zappa โ€“ accompanied by his nine mothers. The course was electronic sociology โ€“ Prerequisite: a basic knowledge of the musical "meat" of such tunes as "Earth Angel" and "Louie, Louie." (read more)


Source: Javier Marcote,


1970 October 28


Up against the wall, Mothers
By Billy Altman & Woody Graber, p 5

 Two years ago the Mothers of Invention played in Clark Gym during Spring weekend. Anyone who was there could have told you how unbelievably brilliant they were that May evening. The band was at its highest point musically, and Frank and the crew put on the most forceful example of expert musicianship we'd ever seen. Bu the crowd was so rude and unruly that it seemed that they had played for nothing. (read more)