Sovsem Drugaya Muzyka - Совсем Другая Музыка  


The first issue of the Golos (Голос - Voice) magazine was published in Mednogorsk, Orenburg region, in August 1995. By the editor Sergey Kuzmin (pen name S. Veter) it was planned as a local publication, but the popularity and geography grow rapidly. In 1997 S. Veter changed the name of the publication to Drugaya Muzyka (Другая Музыка - Different Music) and later in 1998 to Sovsem Drugaya Muzyka (Совсем Другая Музыка - Completely Different Music). There were published 5 numbers of Golos, 1 number of Drugaya Muzyka and 4 numbers of Sovsem Drugaya Muzyka, in total 10 issues with the last one printed in 2002. All the time it was mostly a literature magazine than a music magazine - "the literary rock'n'roll project of united underground, overground and neverground". (

2000 October

No. 4 Issue 9


Граница на замке (Border is locked tight)
By Leonid Shutov (Леонид Шутов), pp 14-21

This is a pure fantasy story starring among others Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan and Steven King.


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