Sound Engineer and Producer


Sound Engineer and Producer was a new publication born out of the remnants of Sound Engineer. Like it's predecessor, it was targeted to studios, engineers, and the new breed of studio producers. First issue: February 1986. Last issue: July 1990. In total 54 editions. (muzines)

1987 April


At Home In His Kitchen
By Jeff Burger, pp 23, 25, 27

Frank Zappa needs no introduction as a musician and composer, and of the 50 plus albums to his credit, all but the first two have been self-produced. His home studio UMRK (Ultimate Muffin Research Kitchen), equipped with a Harrison 4832 desk and two 24-track digital machines, is his base of operations. While the multi-tracks have never been called upon for a 48-track mix, they come in handy for editing and transfers. (read more)