American-rock-oriented magazine Schlager was founded in Stockholm 1980 by Håkan Lahger. In addition to the printed issue Schlager released single records. In 1985 Schlager was merged with Gothenburg-based competitor Ritz to form Slitz, which is today a men's monthly. ISSN 0349-8370

1982 May 18

Vol. 3 No. 42


Viva Zappa!
By Bengt Ericsson, pp 20-21

Mer matematik än klowneri

By Bengt Ericsson, p 21

Tack Zappa!
By Greg Fitzpatrick, p 21

An overview article on Zappa plus Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch LP and concert at Johanneshov (07.05.1982) reviews.

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1983 June 28

No. 12/13 Issue 70/71


Frank Zappas problem
By Karl Dallas, pp 22-26

Automatic translation: Is Frank Zappa a rock musician? Yes, a few days a week, a few months a year, he can be called that. Frank Zappa is actually a one-man army that pulls into the field with projects that far exceed the ambitions of the ordinary rock dude. Film, video, record label and so on with the London Symphony Orchestra. The English journalist Karl Dallas met Frank Zappa in connection with the staging of an orchestral piece in London. (read more)



1984 June 28

No. 12 Issue 94/95


Rockens 30 största namn (Rocks 30 biggest names)
By ?, pp 6-27

The 30 biggest names in rock music, selected from 1954-1984. One name from each year.