San Francisco Express Times


San Francisco Express Times was a counterculture tabloid underground newspaper edited by Marvin Garson and published weekly in San Francisco, California from January 24, 1968, to March 25, 1969, for a total of 62 issues, covering and promoting radical politics, rock music, arts and progressive culture in the Bay Area. It was a member of the Underground Press Syndicate, and sold for 15 cents. (wikipedia)

1968 February 29

Vol. 1 No. 6


The Apocalypse According To Saint Zappa
By David Mairowitz, p 12

It's frightening to think that the Mothers' new album was produced before last week's holocaust in the Haight. It's an amazing piece of paranoid prophesy come true – almost as if publicity conscious cops had a piece of the royalty. Hippy-Phonies come to San Francisco, contract psychedelics and crabs, get shot daring a police massacre in Golden Gate Park. Surviving freaks are carted off in busloads to Concentration Camp Reagan where: "you might imagine you have been, invited to try out a wonderful new RECREATIONAL DEVICE (designed by the Human Factors Engineering Lab as a method of relieving tension and pent-up hostilities among the members of the CAMP STAFF ... a thankless job which gives little or no ego gratification . . . even for the chief warden). At the end of the piece, the name of YOUR CRIME will be carved on your back." (read more)

Source: Independent Voices


1968 December 11

Vol. 1 No. 47


Who's Ruben?
By Smokestack El Ropo, p 7

An imaginary interview with Ruben & the Jets band members by Smokestack El Ropo, who was presumably Charles Perry, editor and staff writer at the Rolling Stone.


Source: slime.oofytv.set