Rolling Stone


The German edition is issued since November 1994.

2003 December

Special supplement

Die Kunst der Anarchie
Zum zehnten Todestag von Frank Zappa

Agent Provocateur
Frank Zappa, Bürger und Schreck
By Miles, 9 pp

Die letzte Partitur
By Sylvie Simmons, 4 pp

Not only in it for the money
By Dave Rimmer, 2 pp

2014 July

Issue 237


Meister vielen Klassen
By Peter Wawerzinek, pp 58-62

Der Anti-Rock
By Detlef Diedrichsen, pp 63-64

Kunst & Kommerz
By Jürgen Ziemer, pp 64-65

Source: Pittylabelle @ zappateers


2018 April

Issue 282


The Mothers Of Invention: Freak Out! (review)
By Jens Balzer, p 42



2019 May

Issue 295


Frank Zappa: Live In New York City (review)
By Arne Willander, p 99




2020 January

Issue 303


Frank Zappa: The Hot Rats Sessions (review)
By Arne Willander, p 101



2020 August

Issue 310


Frank Zappa: The Mothers 1970
By Arne Willander, p 87