Rolling Stone


Rolling Stone was published in Brazil since October 2006 until August 2018, 144 issues in total. This was the second version published in Brazil. In 1972 the magazine was edited independently, and is considered a version of "pirate" Rolling Stone. (wikipedia)

1972 February 15

No. 2


Toque (Touch)
By Ezekiel Neves, p 4



1972 September 26

No. 22


Frank Zappa: Desfraldado (Frank Zappa unfolded)
By Mike Atkins, pp 12-14

Source: slime.oofytv.set 


2013 December

No. 87


Frank Zappa: dez álbuns que definem a genialidade do músico
(Frank Zappa: ten albums that define the genius of the musician)
By Paulo Cavalcanti