One of the most important Turkish music magazines started in the 90s was Roll. This monthly magazine was founded in November 1996 (as a section within Express magazine) and had its last issue #144 in November 2009. Some of the issues were available as pdf at

1997 June

No. 8


Müzikten mi bahsediyoruz, sosyolojiden mi? (Are we talking about music or sociology?)
By Kerem Demir, pp 32-35


2002 September

No. 68


Frank Zappa
By Alice Cooper, p 38

Automatic translation: Frank was the only one who gave us a seat. "There's an ensemble in the music world that everybody makes fun of, and I love them," he said. It was the perfect voice of cynicism. He was messing with the audience, the industry, the guys in gray suits, the hippies, everybody.
He was excommunicated, and so were we. Everyone hated us with great love. He told us, "I'm starting a record label, and I want you to be involved, because it's going to be a place for all the indecent."
I witnessed how he worked in the studio. He had a style you could never imagine. Every tiny sound, every little "mistake", every squeak, every improvisation, every fart on Zappa albums is written.
It was 1968 or 69, I went to a club called The Experience. Mike Bloomfield was there, Hendrix was there, Elvin Bishop was there. All these guitar masters went on stage and had a solo. Then Frank came on stage. After imitating all of them, he also stole his own style. You should have seen the look on Hendrix's face. Frank's virtuosity shocked everyone.
We became friends with him. It was a feat to be able to make Frank laugh. I would sit next to him like a little mouse and watch how it worked. There was no one like him. Look at the market, there is no one trying to be like him. Because it's so hard to imitate Frank. There is a great need for someone like him right now.


2002 December

No. 70


Mor dada (Purple dada)
By Frank Kofsky, pp 8, 57-61

Son Söyleşi: Kırmızıyla mavinin buluşması
(Last interview: Meeting of the red and blue)
By Ben Watson, p 61

Original interviews - Frank Zappa: The Mothers Of Invention and The Last Days Of Frank Zappa. Translations by Yücel Göktürk.


2003 January

No. 71


Nesli tükenmiş bir canli (An instict creature)
Interview with Levent Uysal, pp 38-39

Yeni bir peygamber gelir mi? (Will a new prophet come?)
Interview with Sara-Cemal Mutlu, p 40

Zappa kadin olsaydi ... (If Zappa was a woman ...)
Interview with Gündüz Kayra, p 41

Zor müziğin imkansiz adami (Impossible man of hard music)
Interview with Domingos Fialho, pp 42-43

Several interviews made by Erdir Zat with Zappa fans from different countries.