Rocky Mountain Musical Express


Rocky Mountain Musical Express was "a monthly publication serving the greater western region, focusing upon current developments in America's music and the culture at large". Founded and published by Jann Scott in Boulder in November 1975. "This paper was distributed by Columbine distributing and was sold in 14 Western states. Though we were based in Boulder our biggest fans were in Denver and Houston." (Jann Scott)

1978 January


[Formula Perfecto]
By James Riordan, 3 pp

Zappa has always been as good with his mouth as with his guitar and be long ago earned the nickname “freak with a briefcase.” His successes in both business and music are related in that both require creativity and imagination. Both talents also require leadership and it’s no secret that Zappa is the boss.

“That's my job. I buy all the equipment, I pay all the salaries, I pay the crew, I provide the transportation and I'm the boss. I select the repertoire and just like in a symphony orchestra, the guy waving the stick tells you when to start and when to stop. Being in my band is the best musical education any of my musicians will set. Some of them realize it but a lot of them don't until they're out of the band. Besides that you get paid to learn and you get to travel around the world while you're doing it.” (read more)