Rocky was a weekly youth magazine founded in November 1977. In October 1979 Rocky was merged with Das Freizeit Magazin and retitled as Rocky, das Freizeit Magazin. In June 1980 the next merger with Pop and Popfoto happened to start a biweekly magazine Pop/Rocky. Between 1977 and 1980 in total 135 Rocky issues were published.

1978 March 16

No. 12


"Ich bin einfach phantastisch" (I'm just fantastic)
By Jürgen Steinhoff, 1 p

Automatic translation: He has been on the scene for 14 years. Without signs of wear. Frank Zappa - a legend in his lifetime, in an interview with ROCKY he revealed the secret of his success. (read more)

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1978 August 24

No. 35


Bringt Zappa Zoff?
By Siegfried Schmidt-Joos, pp 2-3

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1979 April 11

No. 16


Zappa is featured on the cover and inside the issue is poster Frank Zappa/Tanya Tucker. Additionally is Zappa mentioned on page 5 because of losses he had with 200 Motels movie.

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1979 July 5

No. 28


Das Reich vom Scheich (The Kingdom Of The Sheik)
By Michael Montfort & Frances Schenberger, pp 6-7

Article with several nice pictures by Peter Kersten.

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