Rockmusik (full title Rockmusik. Zeitung der AG Rockmusik / Hamburg) was published by Uli Rehberg, musician and record label owner from Hamburg. Zine was started in February 1979 and ceased apparently in 1980. The print run was 200 as stated in Rockmusik #1.

1979 July

No. 3


Frank Zappa – Köln Stadthalle 29.3.79 Dortmund Westfalenhalle 25.3.79
By Ralf (from Aachen), p 38

Beside this concerts review you can find in this issue a 10-page article on Czechoslovakian underground in the end of 60s (pp 20-29), talking about bands like Plastic People of the Universe and The Primitives Group playing Zappa songs.

Full zine is downloadable as pdf at Tape Attack.

Source: Tape Attack