Rockin' On



Monthly magazine on international rock music, published since 1972. In 1986 the sister publication Rockin' On Japan started, which is devoted to Japanese rock. Rockin' On had partnerships with Sounds, NME and Rolling Stone. (wikipedia)

1979 March

Vol. 8 No. 47

Frank Zappa
Interview by Bob Dawbarn, pp 4-5

TAN Mitsugu: "p 4. Abridged translation of the interview that originally appeared in Sounds (1978/9/9)."

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1982 December

Vol. 11 No. 12

On page 18 is a photo of FZ and Moon by David McGough.



1988 October

Vol. 17 No. 10

フランク・ザッパを聴くんじゃないっ マニアに休息を与えぬ怒濤のリリース攻撃
(Don't Listen To Frank Zappa! - Or You Won't Have Any Rest Under A Tidal Wave Of His Releases)
By Ichikawa Tetsushi (市川哲史), pp 52-53

TAN Mitsugu: "A funny introduction to the ever-prolific Frank Zappa."