Rock In Golden Age


ロック イン ゴールデン エイジ

Rock In Golden Age
, "celebrating the 5 decades of teenage wasteland", was published by Kodansha as a biweekly from March 1, 2005, until June 1, 2006, 30 issues in total.

2006 June 1

No. 7



フランク・ザッパ& ザ・マザ一ズ・オブ・インヴエンシヨン 『フリ一ク・アウト !』
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of the Invention "Freak Out!"
p 47

This issue has one page (47) on Freak Out! and pictures of the Mothers on page 46 and Captain Beefheart on page 42.