Rock 82


Politikin Zabavnik (Serbian Cyrillic: Политикин Забавник) was founded in 1939 and is until today one of the most popular magazines in Serbia. It comes out every Friday. In 1981 an additional special edition Strip 81 was founded, which next year was renamed to Strip 82. Starting from the issue 46 Strip 82 added as a back cover a Rock part, which was then renamed to Rock 82. On the  basis of Rock 82 later a "real" and very popular magazine Rock was founded. (Рок_82)

1982 September 1

No. 21


Rock Dokument Frank Zappa
By Dejan Cukić, pp 20-26

Writer Dejan Cukić is a Serbian rock musician and journalist. He is known in his country as a main local "zappatist". In 2001 Dejan published a book about Frank Zappa – Muzika je najbolja (Music Is The Best).

Source: slime.oofytv.set