Free community newspaper. Formerly Utopian Psychology. PASS (Performing Arts Social Society) had two quarterlies – RockHEAD (for rockers with brains) and The Node (for hackers with soul).  RockHEAD was a music magazine, The Node was computer oriented.

1990 Summer

Vol. 17 No. 4


Interview, pp 1, 28-30

RockHEAD: Hi Frank, this is RockHEAD. There are six of us here.

Frank: Whoa, overkill! Hold on a minute and let me get my coffee ... OK, let's have at it.

RH: Could you tell us about what you've been doing over in Eastern Europe? We have a picture of you lighting a cigarette for the President of Czechoslovakia on our refrigerator.

Frank: There's a funny story about that. His political advisors tell him not to smoke for Czech television, but he can smoke for foreign television, so whenever he would light a cigarette, he would have them check and see who's taking pictures. I told him that if he had political advisors that were telling him not to smoke, he's already in trouble. (read more)