Reform was a weekly magazine published between 1988 and 1998. Its founder and first chief editor was Peter Töke. It was the first independent democratic news magazine with a new spirit to appear at the dawn of the regime change. Reform was very popular and the print run was now seemingly insurmountable at 370,000.

1991 July 12

Vol. 4 No. 28


Frankie Goes to Budapest
By Tamás Ligety Nagy, pp 26-27



1992 March 26

Vol. 5 No. 13


Szavazz a betegre! (Vote for the patient!)
By ?, p 45

 After a few weeks of contemplation, Frank Zappa decided to make it public "in honor" of his fiftieth birthday: he suffers from prostate cancer ...



1993 September 8

Vol. 6 No. 36


Magyarok Zappaval es Jacksonnal (Hungarians with Zappa and Jackson)
By György Fenyves, p 28

This article is about Czaba Varga animated film studio. Their short film Bestiak has "G-Spot Tornado" and "Cleetus Awreetus-Awrightus" as the soundtrack.

 Automatic translation: [...] In the meantime, Andrew Sarlós' First Hungarian Fund "entered" Varga Studio, which thus became an Anglo-Hungarian joint venture. They were asked to devote themselves to the production of the TV series entitled Young James Bond. They accepted, but the character was so weak and the episodes so substandard that the studio staff greeted him, after a while they did not ask for him, they did not agree to continue his work. Then they got an offer to make a full-length Frank Zappa movie. Nothing came of it, but the personal meeting between Varga and Zappa gave birth to Bestiak, which is based on Zappa's music with its own unique graphics. In the meantime, Csaba Varga showed Zappa various musical compositions, and the American musician liked his compositions so much that a Csaba Varga CD will soon be released in Los Angeles. [...]



1993 December 15

Vol. 5 No. 50


Frankie a Mennyekbe ment (Frankie has gone to Heaven)
By ?, p 5