The Reel Thing


The Reel Thing (A Review of Contemporary Community Standards in Sex Films) was a short-lived bimonthly magazine issued in 1972 by Calga Publishers. Calga took their name from a combination of California (Cal) and Georgia (Ga) as it was a co-venture of Bernie Bloom and Michael Thevis. Calga published a mixture of adult slicks and fetish related socio-porn from 1970 until ‘73. Calga’s titles, like the socio-porn mags from other publishers, utilized hardcore photos and drawings and had to include the pseudo sex-ed articles and sometimes fiction to escape the label of “no socially redeeming value” and possible legal costs. These mags were at once the first wave of hardcore mags and the last gasp of the traditional adult slicks before the full onslaught of the hardcore porn explosion that was precipitated by the release of Deep Throat in 1972. (Bad Mags)

1972 January/February

Vol. 1 No. 1


200 Motels poster used a couple of times. No other Zappa content.

Source: slime.oofytv.set