French audio magazine. Started in 2001 as Recording Musicien. During the 2003 the title was shortened to Recording, with subtitle "le mensuel du home-studio" (home-studio monthly). In May 2005 merged with Keyboard Home Studio and the outcome was magazine Keyboards Recording. Today the magazine is titled KR Home-Studio.

2003 November/December

No. 28


Zappa Dossier
pp 22-33
    Zappa precurseur polymorph
    By Jean-Stéphane Guitton, pp 24-27
    parcours d'un combattant
    By Guy Darol, pp 28-29
    "Comme à l´université"
    By Jean-Stéphane Guitton, pp 30-31
    Quand Zappa mordait la grosse pomme
    Frédéric Goaty, pp 32-33

2004 January

No. 29


Frank Zappa "One Size Fits All"
By Jean-Stéphane Guitton, 1 p

Frank Zappa "Baby Snakes"
By Jean-Stéphane Guitton, 1 p

Frank Zappa "Does Humour Belong In Music?"
By Jean-Stéphane Guitton, 1 p