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Respected and long running Japanese monthly music magazine for collectors. Launched in April 1982 as bimonthly special issue of Music Magazine. (wikipedia)

1990 July

Vol. 9 No. 7

Album Guide アルバム・ガイド
By Uemura Kazunori 植村和紀 p. 24

Zappa's perfectionism shows up on the CD reissues ザッパのこだわりが聞こえる復刻CDシリーズ
By Kishimoto Shinji 岸本信次 pp. 80-83

TAN Mitsugu: "Both articles took up the recent CD reissues from Ryko (distributed by MSI in Japan at the time)."


1991 September

Vol. 10 No. 9

Special: Frank Zappa's 60's Works ( 特集 60年代のフランク・ザッパ )
By various authors, pp 14-61
Biography, discography, musicians, short videography, list of fanzines.  

This Frank Zappa special is in total 48 pages, several articles by different authors. Below is the detailed table of contents.

14 特集 60年代のフランク・ザッパ
   15 ロックの王道を歩み続ける〈異端児〉 藤村俊之
   18 形式を超えた無垢な意欲が〈異色〉だった 湯浅学
   24 オリジナル・アルバム・ガイド 大鷹俊一、工藤晴康 他
   32 CD化におけるリミックス作業を検証する 直枝政太郎
   34 目には目を、海賊版には海賊版を アーティストの権利のために〈ビート・ザ・ブーツ!〉 植村和紀
   40 マニアのためのレア・トラック入手法 上野秀之
   44 対外活動をレーベル別に追う 和久井光司
   48 "変態"と呼ばれた男が訴えてきたこと 茂木健
   54 強烈な個性を支えたアーティストたち 伊東秀世
   59 想像力を強くかきたてられる映像作品 大鷹俊一
   60 海外のファン・クラブ事情 伊東秀世



1994 January

Vol. 13 No. 1

Special: Captain Beefheart part 1 ( 特集:キャプテン・ビーフハート (1) )
By various authors, pp 42-53

The Great Eccentric Man Who Kept Sticking to the "Beauty of Incongruity"

By 大鷹俊一 (Otaka Toshikazu), pp 43-46

Original Album Guide

By 伊藤秀世(Ito Hideyo), 大鷹俊一 (Otaka Toshikazu), 小出斉(Koide Hitoshi), 小山哲人(Koyama Tetsuto), 平野孝則(Hirano Takanori), 茂木健(Mogi Takeshi), 湯浅学(Yuasa Manabu), 和久井光司(Wakui Koji), pp 47-53

TAN Mitsugu: "This Captain Beefheart special was in time with reissues of his four Warner/Reprise albums. The magazine's regular disc reviews also spent one page for those Japanese CDs."


1994 February

Vol. 13 No. 2

Special: Captain Beefheart part 2 ( 特集:キャプテン・ビーフハート (2) )
By various authors, pp 86-101

In memoriam: Frank Zappa ( 追悼:フランク・ザッパ )
By Manabu Yuasa ( 湯浅 学 ), pp 66-67

This issue's contains among others Captain Beefheart Special and Frank Zappa obituary. Below is the detailed table of contents.

86 『 特集:キャプテン・ビーフハート② 』
   86 魔法の絵筆で音色を重ねたビーフハートの音世界
   90 オリジナル・アルバム未収録音源 他
   94 共演者名鑑
   101 破天荒な音楽性が投影された映像作品

66 『 追悼:フランク・ザッパ 』


1994 March

Vol. 13 No. 3

Special: Eternal Frank Zappa ( 特集:永遠のフランクザッパ )
By various authors, pp 18-60

Special memorial issue Eternal Frank Zappa containing several articles about FZ. Below is the detailed table of contents.

18 『 特集:永遠のフランク・ザッパ 』
   19 演奏者に厳しく聞き手に優しい音楽の作曲家
   24 最高の、そして唯一のロック・ミュージシャン    中村とうよう
   28 大ザッパ会見大雑把回想記    大山甲日
   30 発売が期待される未発表音源    茂木建
   34 ザッパの音楽、五つの鍵と四つの傾向
   40 オリジナル・アルバム・ガイド
      41 66-70年
      43 70-79年
      47 81-85年
      49 86-93年 
      53 海賊盤問題に一石を投じた奇策
   54 アンケート1:私の一番好きなザッパのアルバム
   59 アンケート2:私の一番好きなザッパの曲
   81 フランク・ザッパ・イン・ジャパン


1995 November

Vol. 14 No. 12

Zappa's 1993 Remasters
By Yuasa Manabu (湯浅学), pp 58-61



1996 May

Vol. 15 No. 5

Frank Zappa: The Lost Episodes
By Gondaira Takeo (権平健男), pp 64-67



1996 December

Vol. 15 No. 12

Frank Zappa's Lost Epic "Lather"
pp 84-87



1997 May

Vol. 16 No. 5

Frank Zappa: Have I Offended Someone?
By Naoeda Masataro (直枝政太郎), pp 94-97



1997 November

Vol. 16 No. 11

Frank Zappa 200 Motels Reissue ( フランク・ザッパ 『200モーテルズ』 リイシュー )
pp 50-53


Source: sime.oofytv.set 


2004 August

Vol. 23 No. 8

The Power and the Passion to Create: Episode 5 - Sunset Boulevard Studio, Part 1
By Norman Seeff, pp 120-123
(Coordinator: Yamada Yumiko)

TAN Mitsugu:

In this episode, Seeff recalls his photo session with FZ in 1976, explaining why he threw a cream pie against Zappa's face. Of course, this session yielded the cover photos of Joe's Garage and Lather.

You can read the English translation of some exceprts here.

You can also read this interview with Seeff in English , in which he talks about the same session.



2014 February

VoVol. 33 No. 2

Biographies of Foreign Music A&R Men, No. 46: Yamaura Masahiko (Part 2) (洋楽マン列伝 No. 46: 山浦正彦氏(後編))
By Shinozaki Hiroshi, pp 172-177 

TAN Mitsugu:

This is a series of interviews with foreign music A&R people in the Japanese record companies. In this episode, Yamaura Masahiko talks about his time in Warner Pioneer (1971-1977) with a couple of references to FZ:
(1) Warner Pioneer launched in January 1971 and the first batch of releases included Weasels Ripped My Flesh, which Yamaura states "sold less than 1,000 units".
(2) When Warner-related artists came to Japan, Yamaura often ended up taking them out on the town. But FZ preferred staying in his hotels, while the members of the Mothers were in the full vigor of youth and liked to go out.
And there's a snapshot of Yamaura and FZ on p 175. 



2016 January

Vol. 35 No. 1

Frank Zappa & The Mothers: Roxy the Movie
By Sano Hiroshi (佐野ひろし), pp 114-119

On page 13: Legendary Live in U.K., a photograph by Ian Dickson, Shot 69: Frank Zappa, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 9th February 1977.



2016 May

Vol. 35 No. 5

Who's Who of Record Collectors by Otaka Toshikazu (大鷹俊一のレコード・コレクター紳士録)
#217: Kobayashi Shingo (第217回 小林真吾さん)
pp 182-187

pp 200-201

TAN Mitsugu:

In this episode of the long-running report on various record collectors, Otaka visited Kobayashi Shingo's bar & gallery in downtown Tokyo. The page 183 has a candid photo of FZ shaking hands with Kobayashi. The photo was shot in summer 1976 when he first visited the U.S.

The page 200 has a book review of "Listen to Frank Zappa" by Ohyama Kohjitsu. 



2018 October

Vol. 37 No. 10

p 183

One of the news items on p 183 is the release of Charles Ulrich's "The Big Note". 



2020 April

Vol. 39 No. 4

Special: Frank Zappa "Hot Rats" 特集 フランク・ザッパ『ホット・ラッツ』
     Graphic Station: The original vinyl of "Hot Rats" and more グラフィック・ステーション ―― 『ホット・ラッツ』のオリジナル盤ほか
     pp. 18-19
     The multi-layered visions based on a clear calculation 明確な意思の元に進められた幾重ものヴィジョン
     By Wakui Koji 和久井光司 pp. 98-102
     "Hot Rats" track by track 『ホット・ラッツ』全曲ガイド
     By Koyama Tetsuto 小山哲人 pp. 103-107
     Biographies of the musicians on "Hot Rats" 参加ミュージシャン名鑑
     By Gamo Yuichi ガモウユウイチ pp. 108-111
     Notes on "The Hot Rats Sessions" 『ザ・ホット・ラッツ・セッションズ』解説
     By Sano Hiroshi 佐野ひろし pp. 112-119

The extensive feature on "Hot Rats", which comprises several articles by the magazine's regular contributors.




2021 September

Vol. 40 No. 9

Interview with Ahmet Zappa
By Wakui Koji (和久井光司) with the help of Umemura Shoji (梅村昇史)
Interpreter: Mae Mutsumi (前むつみ) pp 136-139

Ahmet talks about the Zappa movie by Alex Winter, the recent archival releases and his memories of Frank and Gail. 



2022 April

Vol. 41 No. 4

Frank Zappa & The Mothers
By Sakamoto Osamu (坂本理), pp 94-99

Info. Station: Pick Up News
By Akaishi Kazumi (赤石和美), p 161

TAN Mitsugu: "This issue has an article on The Mothers 1971 boxset, plus a short review of the Japanese pressings of the Zappa Movie soundtrack and 200 Motels."



2022 May

Vol. 41 No. 5

Special: 200 Rock Albums from the '60's
pp 26-108

Frank Zappa: The "Odor" of a Unique Musician Emanates from a Film That Took a Lot of Time and Effort to Make
フランク・ザッパ: 手間暇かけて作り上げた映画から唯一無二の音楽家が残した"体臭"が匂い立つ
By Murao Yasuo (村尾泰郎), pp 130-133

Rediscovering Laurel Canyon and Linda Ronstadt through Films
By Katashima Yoshiaki (片島吉章), pp 138-141

TAN Mitsugu: "This issue selected 200 rock albums from the '60s that you must hear, based on a poll of the magazine's regular writers. The ranking includes Trout Mask Replica (#13), Freak Out! (#22), Hot Rats (#68) and We're Only In It For The Money (#139), each of which has a short review, respectively written by Koyama Mamoru (小山守), Takeda Akihiko (武田昭彦), Yasuda Kenichi (安田謙一) and Naoeda Masahiro (直枝政広). Also, you can find an article about the recent Japanese releases of the two FZ-related soundtracks (the Zappa movie and 200 Motels), and a review of three documentaries about Laurel Canyon."



2023 April

Vol. 42 No. 4

Frank Zappa
By Sakamoto Osamu (坂本理), pp 110-113

Who's Who of Record Collectors by Otaka Toshikazu (大鷹俊一のレコード・コレクター紳士録)
#277: Yoshioka Masaru (第277回 吉岡賢さん), pp 138-143 

TAN Mitsugu: "This edition has an article on Zappa 80: Mudd Club / Munchen. In addition, Episode #277 of Who's Who of Record Collectors has a photo of some FZ vinyls."