Radio & Record News


Trade magazine in the 70s published by Needletime Music Ltd. On the 13th Sept 1975, a new music paper hit the newsstands. It was Needletime (a monthly magazine) that featured airplay lists from various local radio stations. In August 1976 Needletime became a weekly magazine. It later on 13th September 1977 changed it's title to Radio & Record News and began to feature a chart compiled by Gallup. Radio & Record News ceased in 1980. (davetaylor)

1978 October 20


Frank Zappa: Studio Tan
By ?, p 16

  FRANK ZAPPA Studio Tan. WEA K 59210. Production: Frank Zappa. Can only see this album selling to a hard-core Zappa buffs. Nothing out of the ordinary on it but some parts of the Revised Music For Guitar And Low Budget Orchestra very good.


Source: worldradiohistory


1979 October 12


Frank Zappa: Joe's Garage Act I
By Robert Shelton, p 21

 Frank Zappa, as we all know, is a naughty little gamester who loves to shock and titillate. On Joe's Garage, Act I (CBS 86101) he's being his old outrageous self with a lot of lyrics that might have to be bleeped on the air. The album is sort of a retrospective of how he came up from a garage band. If the verbal carbon monoxide doesn't choke you, there's some inventive music here by his troupe of 14.


Source: worldradiohistory