RAM (Rock Australia Magazine)


Fortnightly magazine RAM (Rock Australia Magazine) started in Sydney in March 1975 after the demise of Go-Set. It retained some of Go-Set's format. Ended in July 1989. (National Library of Australia)

1980 April 4

No. 131


The Sanest Man In The World Today?
By Headley Gritter, pp 26-27, 29

Frank Zappa has been the enigmatic paradox of rock ‘n’ roll for the past two decades – a man of apparent contradictions if ever there was one. On the one hand he seems totally outrageous and irreverent – showing respect for nothing institutionalized. But musically, he is as precise and regimented as he is prolific. He condemns all forms of drug-induced unreality, yet the ardour of his fans often has a direct correlation with their own illicit consumption. He dubbed three of his offspring Ahmet Rodan, Dweezil and Moon Unit in the throes of sobriety. His musical personifications are gregarious and agrarious to the extreme, but the man himself rarely ventures out of his basement studio. When you meet him you find yourself speaking to a calm, mild-mannered, yet icily sharp-minded thinker. (read more)

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1983 November 11

No. 223


Who's Weird?
By Pat Sheil, pp 16-17

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