POP-Revyen or simply PR (Pop Revue) was a bi-weekly magazine started in Autumn 1966. This publication was aimed at a slightly older audience compared to competitor Pop Nytt, focusing not only on beat music but also on jazz and later also on psychedelic and progressive rock. Ceased in 1969. (paulusalinge.com)

1967 October 25 

No. 26


Monthers of Invention: genialit?
By Terje Mosnes, p 4

This is Absolutely Free album review.

Source: nb.no


1968 May 22 

No. 10


Monthers of Invention elsker fred – men skaper bråk! (Mothers of Invention love peace - but create trouble!)
By [Stockholm edition], p 4

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1968 September 5

No. 15


Mother of Invention med kjempeparodi på pop  (Mothers of Invention with huge parody of pop)
By Terje Mosnes, pp 10, 14

We're Only In It For The Money album review.

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1968 October 30

No. 19


Meningsløs støy fra Frank Zappa (Meaningless noise from Frank Zappa)
By Terje Mosnes, p 3

Folk begynner å skjønne hva vi mener (People are beginning to understand what we mean)
Interview by R.S. [PR correspondent in New York], pp 4, 8

Source: nb.no