poeira Zine


poeira Zine (Dust Magazine) is an independent magazine published bimonthly by journalist Bento Araujo. The magazine was launched in 2003.

2003 February/March

No. 0


Como se compra Zappa (How to buy Zappa)
By Bento Araujo, pp 12-13

Source: mercadolivre.com.br


2003 November/December

No. 3


A guitarra de Frank Zappa
By Bento Araujo, pp 4-9

Includes a 6-page Zappa special - 10 years without Zappa.

Source: slime.oofytv.set 


2006 September/October

No. 13


Top 15 1966: Freak Out!
By ?, p 24




2009 October/November

No. 27


Capas Históricas: We're Only In It For The Money
By ?, p 9

Article from series "Historical Covers".

Source: slime.oofytv.set 


2010 November

No. 33


A Movie For Your Ears
By Bento Araujo, pp 17-20




2011 January/February

No. 34


pZ recommenda! Zappa The Hard Way (Andrew Greenaway ✭✭✭✭)
By ?, p 13

The Spotlight Kid
By Bento Araujo, pp 14-29

2015 January/February

No. 58


pZ recommenda! Freak Jazz, Movie Madness And Another Mothers: Frank Zappa 1969-1973
By ?, p 13

Dez discos para entender as Jams: Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar
By Bento Araujo, p 27

Napoleon Murphy Brock
By Bento Araujo, pp 30-32

2016 March/April

No. 65


O enclave de Zappa
By Radamés Junqueira, p 6

By pZ, p 31