Percussive Notes


Percussive Notes is a bimonthly academic journal published by the Percussive Arts Society since 1963.

2024 April

Vol. 62 No. 2


The Mallets of Invention: A listening guide to Frank Zappa’s percussionists
By Dr. Kyle Forsthoff and Dr. Michael Yonchak, pp 6-17

While much has been written about the venerated players who have occupied Zappa’s drumset chair, his extensive use of mallets and other percussion has received significantly less attention. In this article, we will focus on Zappa’s innovations incorporating percussion beyond the drumset into his constantly-evolving studio and touring rock ensembles from 1969–88, as realized through his employment of percussionists Art Tripp, Ruth Underwood, and Ed Mann. (read more)

The full article is downloadable as pdf.