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1979 May 21

Vol. 11 No. 20


Frank Zappa Mothers One Invention Too Many, And Furious Jewish Princesses Bite Back
By Rich Wiseman, pp 111-112

Some more nice photos by Neal Preston from the same day, April 30, 1979:
 - Zappa and Bird Reynolds
 - Zappa holding a cat


Comments by Neal Preston:

"Those nutty, crazy Zappas," people would say with a snicker – that's the way people looked upon them at the time. I was shooting Frank for PEOPLE and he had been reading the Financial Times that morning. And who would think of Frank Zappa reading the Financial Times? After that I shot him playing pingpong (the shoot was for PEOPLE magazine, after all), and the bird was flying around the table – and flew right onto his head. I saw that, and said to Frank, "Let's pose the bird on your head for a tighter shot." The look on the bird's face is classic (I seem to remember the bird was named "Bird Reynolds") as if it's saying, "Who the f*** is this guy underneath me?"

Source: Charles Ulrich


1989 May 22

Vol. 31 No. 20


Frank Zappa
Disenchanted with the music business, rock's Big Dada is dropping out to play Marco Polo

By Steve Dougherty6 pp

Photographs by Harry Benson

The teenager enters the room carrying an electric guitar. “Dad?” he begins. “Yes, son?” the patriarch replies. “Is it all right” the lad asks politely, “if I use the Snork and Jade’s Burp?” “Sure, Dweez, go ahead.” (read more

Source: Steve Hecht


1996 November 18

Vol. 46 No. 21


Hollywood Heirs
Dweezil, Moon Unit, Ahmet & Diva Zappa children of Frank Zappa

2 pp