Czechia / Czechoslovakia

Paternoster, "a little review for art and criticism", was published in Vienna 1983-1989 and Prague 1990-1992. The review was published quarterly, later three times a year, the Prague issues were published irregularly. (


Issue 2


Rozhovor s Frankem Zappou (Interview with Frank Zappa)
By Monik & J. G. Jane, pp 103-112

Automatic translation: Vienna, Monday, June 28, 1982. 7:30 p.m. The Stadthalle, a sports hall capable of holding 13,000 spectators, is not even half full. Entrance fee 190-250 shillings. On the stage there is a huge apparatus, including a stand with a baton and a chair for the conductor. At 7:40 p.m., seven musicians come on stage, a huge gorilla dressed in a karate kimono and khaki pants, he is the guardian of order and the personal bodyguard of the conductor, guitarist, singer, composer and master of this colossus, Mr. Frank Zappa. (read more)