The Belgian Dutch-language magazine Panorama was founded in 1957. In 1990 it merged the competitor De Post. For a while the magazine then had the subtitle De Post. In 1995 the magazine was renamed Nieuwe Panorama and in December 1997 the discontinuation of the weekly was announced. (wikipedia)

1990 March 9

No. 11


Zappa For President!
By Raf Sauviller & Jo van Damme, 4 pp

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa's home sits high on the flank of The Valley in LA. We walked up the stairs to the living room. The room is dark. A huge wooden, blue swordfish floats in front of the fireplace. I wonder how that should be when a cozy fire blazes in the hearth. But then I understand that you should never let cozy fires blaze in LA. It's already warm enough. At the very back, the Master sits in a chair. His silhouette stands out sharply against the light of the lamp shining behind his back. This is like an audience with a deep-thinking guru. Zappa smokes a cigarette and waits. I am impressed, because I was once the proud owner of his record Live at the Fillmore East. (read more)

Source: Patrick De Graeve