OZ Magazine, along with International Times was THE underground magazine during the late Sixties in England. Originating from Australia where it was founded by Richard Neville and Martin Sharp it came to England in February 1967 where the first issue hit the streets of an unsuspecting London. OZ run for 48 issues. (www.pooterland.com)
Full archive is available at University of Wollongong, Australia.

1967 October

No. 7


On page 25 is a Freak Out ad.



1969 February

No. 18


Cruising With Ruben And The Jets (review)
By Bryan Willis, p 19



1969 July

No. 22


Uncle Meat
By Frank Zappa/Pete Drummond, pp 37-38

Uncle Meat (pp 37-38)

To begin with could you tell us something about the film you’ve made?

We made a movie called ‘Uncle Meat’. It’s got a lot of pictures of the Mothers in it, it also has a very strange plot which will require some straight-life-type actors to execute and we need some more money to finish it.

Isn't the plot explained on the sleeve of the Uncle Meat LP?

The beginning and the end is in there – the middle isn’t.

Was the album written with the film in mind?

It’s quite possible to make a film to match music, so I made some music and I made up the story line around it.

Basically what sort of a film is it?

It’s a fantasy film with political and sociological overtones! (read more)

Rock Quiz (pp 42-44)

Question 8 is excerpt from FZ interview published in Rolling Stone #14.

'In the old days you'd drag your old man out on the lawn and kick the shit out of each other, and he'd say, 'Be home by midnight!' and you'd be home by midnight. Today, parents don't dare tell you what time to get in they're frightened you won't come back.'



1970 April

No. 27

Permanent Damage G.T.O.'s 
By Felix Dennis, p 35

 I read Miles' review of this record in IT 74 three times, carefully, once I even read it using a dictionary and I didn't understand it. Not all of it anyway. But then I ain't ever been to America, and this is an America record. (read more)


Source: University of Wollongong, Australia 


1970 October

No. 30


On the back cover is a Weasels Ripped My Flesh ad.




1970 November/December

No. 31


Chunga's Revenge (review)
By Felix Dennis, pp 30-31




1971 September

No. 37


In this double cover issue is on page 11 a short unreadable (dark blue text on dark violet background) Fillmore East - June 1971 review. On page 27 is a full-page Fillmore East - June 1971 ad.




1971 December

No. 39


2001 Motels – Thus Spake Zappathusa
By Herbert Trenchcoat III, p 39

London's fashionable rock milieu turned out of a cold mid-November nite to witness the celluloid testament of Frank Zappa's wit and wisdom : '. . . but he's so OLD ' . . . 'eah, but really clever. I mean to be so weird and yet so commercial, that's ballsy. (read more)