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1982 December

No. 29 


Sonate für Reifen und Lenkstange
By Norbert Obermanns, pp 10-12

By Norbert Obermanns, pp 13-17

Norbert Obermanns, the author of Zappalog, was a well-known Zappa collector. His article covering early years of Frank Zappa is titled "Sonata for tires and handlebar", followed by Zappa singles discography.

Source: slime.oofytv.set 


1995 August

No. 8 


Zappa Remastered
p 16

Article about Rykodisc reissuing FZ catalog. 

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2000 Januar

No. 1 Issue 233


Der Drang nach höherem
By Frank Küster, pp 20-23

Part I of Zappa's discography - singles catalog.