Ogdensburg Journal / Advance News


The Journal is a daily newspaper in St. Lawrence County, New York. Originally founded in 1830 as The Republican, we have been one of the leading providers of news in St. Lawrence County for well over 100 years, since becoming The Journal in 1858. 
The Sunday issue is called Advance News.

1968 September 10

Vol. 26 No. 2673


The Mothers’ Musical Message Called Meaningful And Warped
By Roger Doughty, p 26

Frank Zappa’s father didn't raise his son to be a mother, but he became one anyway. In fact, Frank grew up to become the Head Mother of them all, the leader of the Mothers of Invention and the oracle of rock, even though he admits to being 30. (read more)


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1975 October 19

Vol. 21 No. 1321


Frank Zappa: Blazing New Trails
By Dick Kleiner, p 23

At 34, Frank Zappa may be the elder statesman of rock. And, as befits an elder statesman, he is blazing new trails for his kind of music. I met up with him backstage at Royce Hall, UCLA's theater, where he was about to lead a 37-piece orchestra in a combination classic-rock concert. (read more)


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