NSK – ЭНск


Rock monthly NSK was the first illustrated rock periodical in Russia and ex-USSR, issued regularly since (May) 1990 and based on Siberian fanzines ID and Stebel of the early 1960s. Covers various styles of modern art and music including rock, punk, alternative, jazz.
NSK was issued in Novosibirsk, Siberia, and ceased in August 1994, with last issue #44. Print run in February 1991 was 12,000. 


ЭНск 89


Frank Zappa в Москве-е-е?! (Frank Zappa in Moscow?!)
By ?, p 4

On the pictures is Frank Zappa in Stas Namin Centre, Moscow, meeting with Siberian rock band Kalinov Most.



1991 February

No. 5


   Рок и политика

   (Rock and politics)
   Translated by M. Vanina (М. Ванина) from Newsweek, March 19, 1990, p 11

   Рок вокруг революции
   (Rock around the revolution. Frank Zappa meets Vaclav Havel)
   Translated by S.A and S.Ch. (С.А., С.Ч.) from The Economist, February 3, 1990, p 11



1992 May

No. 17


Frank Zappa Selected Discography
p 13




1993 August

No. 32-33


Толковый словарь заппизмов (Dictionary of zappaisms)
By Vadim Sinitsyn, p 7

On page 7 is so called "dictionary of zappaisms" - funny untranslatable list of invented words beginning with "zap".



1993 December

No. 36


Zappa Said Amen
p 2

Lyrics of "Scrutinizer Postlude" as Frank Zappa obituary on page 2.