Muziq was founded in 2004 by Frédéric Goaty, editorial director of Jazz Magazine. Ceased in 2009, last issue was # 21.
After 4 year hiatus second incarnation of Muziq started again in May 2013. This time as a bookzine – half book, half magazine. The issue numbering started also from 1 again. Muziq is issued only 1-2 times a year.
The parent company Jazz Magazine is quarterly issuing special editions ("hors série"), which mostly have Muziq logo too.

2006 January-February-March

No. 5


Dossier Zappa
By Noadya Arnoux, Guy Darol, Christophe Delbrouk, Julien Ferté, Pierrejean Gaucher, Frédéric Goaty, Ersin Leibowitch, Giuseppe Pino, Christian Rose, pp 28-43
    Un Musique Démontée et Remontée
    By Pierrejean Gaucher, p 30
    Vous n'êtes pas Serieux?
    By Guy Darol, pp 34-35
    Pâte à Modeler & Délires Cocaïnés
    By Julien Ferté, p 37

Canal Zappé!
By Julien Ferté, p 6

Zappa Fury

By Guy Darol, p 64

2013 May

No. 1


Frank Zappa et ses sourciers
By Guy Darol, pp 142-155

2018 July

Jazz Magazine Hors-Série No. 13 - Best of artistes et groupes de légende


This special issue contains best material previously issued in Jazz Magazine supplements Tangentiel and in Muziq issues ##1-11.