Music Exchange


Bi-monthly, "the industry's how-to magazine."

1982 September/October

Vol. 2 No. 5


By Dorothy Sirus, pp 28-33, 52, 53

WHO SAYS PERSEVERANCE doesn’t pay off? Frank Zappa hasn’t changed his approach to music, so the population must have caught onto something. Zappa’s new song, “Valley Girl,” which features his teen-aged daughter, Moon, is responsible for getting him into the Top 40. This marks the third time in Zappa’s 17-year-old music career that he’s entered the Top 100.

In our cover story, Zappa doesn’t mince words over his feelings about the many aspects
of the music business. We think you’ll be surprised at what he says, and thinks, and feels.
There’s more to Frank Zappa than meets the eye (and ear). So much, in fact, that we’ve split the interview into two parts. Our next issue will include Zappa’s discussion of how he auditions his musicians and what it takes to stay in his band once you’ve made it. (read more)

* * *

This issue has wonderful Zappa photos by John Livzey. John Livzey interview:

I was photographing Frank for a magazine article one night, for an piece Dorothy Sirus was writing, and Moon just came in the room, and she had her little purse in her hand. She was twelve then, or thirteen, and she said "bye." And Frank said "Where are you going," and she said "I'm going to the mall." I remember that. She was going to the mall. I think I called her over, and she agreed, and I said "Come on, cheek to cheek," and they got together. You can see the little pink wallet in her hand, and she had her arm around him, and I took just a few frames. So after the fact they said "Hey, this will make a good cover for this single."


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